iC IR 7 Quick Start Guide
This brief 6 page document can be printed and outlines the overall iC IR 7 interface, highlighting important functions of the software.
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iC IR 7.1 Release Notes
The iC IR 7.1 Release Notes document the incremental changes between iC IR versions. Details on new features are provided as well as a table of overall feature changes by version.
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iC IR™ 4.3 Documentation Portfolio
This documentation portfolio supercedes references in the iC IR software help section Content: Software user guide for iC IR™ iC IR™ quick reference guides  Full installation guide for iC IR™ NOTE: This is a large file that may take 10...
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Video: Using the IPA Module
The DS Instrument Performance Assessment (IPA) accessory enables users to validate a ReactIR instruments wavenumber accuracy by comparing peak profiles generated by the instrument to a National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) certified...
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iC Software Computer Specifications Guide
This document provides guidance about the minimum versus preferred PC specifications used to run software products in the iC Suite. It includes information on processor speed and other computer hardware recommendations as well as supported operating...
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