Video: Using the IPA Module

The DS Instrument Performance Assessment (IPA) accessory enables users to validate a ReactIR instruments wavenumber accuracy by comparing peak profiles generated by the instrument to a National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) certified polystyrene standard. (4:26)

If comparison to the standard does not match within the allowed delta, the user can then perform an instrument calibration to ensure wavenumber accuracy. The module includes a built-in iris adjustment for easy return signal filtering and polystyrene film which is moved in and out of the optical path during background and sample collection.

Validation and calibration steps are software-guided. This guide features iC IR as the control software, but iC Process for IR can also be used for process instruments such as the ReactIR 45P.

NOTE: Some ReactIR modules have an Optical Interface Module attached to the SIM. Keep the optical interface module attached or, if necessary, connect it for instruments that require it (iC 10, 45m, and 45P).

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