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This step-by-step guide explains how to install iC Data Center™ and gather experiments from connected instruments and applications.
This document describes how to install and fully configure iC Data Center to meet the needs of your organization.
The latest iC Data Center™ Release Notes include a summary of features included with the software and an update on any known issues with workarounds.

Training Material

Provides an overview of the benefits and workflow for using iC Data Center with EasyMax and OptiMax systems as well as iControl and iC analytical software. (4:15)

Animated overview of what iC Data Center is and how it works (1:28).
iC Data Center ensures all experimental data is captured -- preventing loss of data or wasted experiments. iC Data Center makes data preparation and reporting consistent and easy -- saving researchers the significant time taken to correlate data. iC Data Center helps build institutional knowledge -- enabling the sharing of data among team members and enterprise management systems.