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This step-by-step guide explains the process for transferred the configuration and equipment information from an existing iControl PC to a new PC. This applies to iControl versions 4.0 and 5.x.
The iControl LabMax™ 5.3 installation guide for administrators is a detailed document that includes the system requirements and prerequisites needed to run the software as well as a full description o
The iControl LabMax™ 5.3 Release Notes include a summary of new features included with the software and an update on any known issues with workarounds.


Training Material

Shows how to use iControl with other iC applications (like iC IR and iC FBRM) including feedback control and data exchange. (5:55)

Provides an overview of the benefits and workflow for using iC Data Center with iControl and iC IR as well as EasyMax and OptiMax. (4:13)

Provides an overview of licensing in iControl and demonstrates how to activate licenses on the web and in the software.(3:35)