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Video: Using iControl with iC Analytical Probes

Shows how to use iControl with iC analytical products (like iC IR and iC FBRM) including feedback control and data exchange (5:55).

Video: Using the HeatFlow Calorimetry Module

Includes an overview for using the HFCal module with iControl to determine calorimetric information about your reaction. (5:32)

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Video: Introduction to iC Data Center

Provides an overview of the benefits and workflow for using iC Data Center with EasyMax and OptiMax systems as well as iControl and iC analytical software. (4:15)

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iControl Overview Tutorial Video with Chinese Subtitles
iControl Overview Tutorial Video with Japanese Subtitles
Video: iControl Overview

Includes a brief overview of how to perform the main tasks in iControl such as creating and running experiments and reporting your results. (4:04)

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Video: Defining Chemicals and Chemistry

Includes an overview of managing chemicals and adding chemistry information to an experiment in iControl. (6:19)

Video: Customizing Report Layouts & Templates

Covers how to save a new report layout in iControl and define a Microsoft Word template for those users who want to customize the reports that iControl generates. (5:01)

Video: Designing Experiments

Shows ways that procedures, equipment setups, and chemistry information from previous experiments can be easily reused and how DoE can be implemented with iControl. (4:17)

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Video: Working with Trend Graphs

Provides an overview of the Trends tab and how it can be used to view and analyze data from experiments. (4:38)

Video: How to Activate an iControl License

Provides an overview of licensing in iControl and demonstrates how to activate iControl licenses and iCare subscriptions on the web and in the software. (5:12)

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Video: Importing Data from the Touchscreen

Demonstrates importing data into iControl from experiments run on the touchscreen, either using a USB stick or a network connection. (4:04)

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Video: Connecting to an Instrument

Shows the steps needed to configure iControl to communicate with a new Easymax or OptiMax instrument. (2:58)

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