Shows how to use iControl with iC analytical products (like iC IR and iC FBRM) including feedback control and data exchange (5:55).

Includes an overview for using the HFCal module with iControl to determine calorimetric information about your reaction. (5:32)

Provides an overview of the benefits and workflow for using iC Data Center with EasyMax and OptiMax systems as well as iControl and iC analytical software. (4:15)


Includes a brief overview of how to perform the main tasks in iControl such as creating and running experiments and reporting your results. (4:04)

Includes an overview of managing chemicals and adding chemistry information to an experiment in iControl. (6:19)

Covers how to save a new report layout in iControl and define a Microsoft Word template for those users who want to customize the reports that iControl generates. (5:01)

Shows ways that procedures, equipment setups, and chemistry information from previous experiments can be easily reused and how DoE can be implemented with iControl. (4:17)

Provides an overview of the Trends tab and how it can be used to view and analyze data from experiments. (4:38)

Provides an overview of licensing in iControl and demonstrates how to activate iControl licenses and iCare subscriptions on the web and in the software. (5:12)

Demonstrates importing data into iControl from experiments run on the touchscreen, either using a USB stick or a network connection. (4:04)

Shows the steps needed to configure iControl to communicate with a new Easymax or OptiMax instrument. (2:58)