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This document provides guidance about the minimum versus preferred PC specifications used to run software products in the iC Suite.

Learn the different ways that an EasyMax™ or OptiMax™ synthesis workstation can be connected to a computer running iControl software.

The iControl™ 6.1 installation guide includes the system requirements and prequisites needed to run the software as well as a detailed description of the installation steps and license activation.


Training Material

Includes an overview for using the HFCal module with iControl to determine calorimetric information about your reaction. (5:32)

Shows ways that procedures, equipment setups, and chemistry information from previous experiments can be easily reused and how DoE can be implemented with iControl. (4:17)

Provides an overview of licensing in iControl and demonstrates how to activate iControl licenses and iCare subscriptions on the web and in the software. (5:12)